What Happens When People Hear Both Sides of the Debate?

On the morning of Tuesday, February 21, 2012, a debate took place at the World Bank, and the outcome was stunning. Heritage’s David Kreutzer and Yale University economics professor Robert Mendelsohn debated Marianne Fay of the World Bank and Paul Ekins of the University College London. The proposition was “Green Development is necessary, affordable, and […]

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Rev. Franklin Graham: Obama Helps Islamists, Ignores Christian Persecution

The Rev. Franklin Graham says President Barack Obama has “given Islam a pass,” including ignoring atrocities against Christians in the Muslim world — so much so that the evangelist says he cannot “categorically” say Obama is not a Muslim. In a stunning interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Tuesday, the renowned Christian leader and son […]

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Israeli and American flags

The Decline of the American Superpower?

“It is unfortunate that the United States considers Israel a strategic liability, rather than a strategic asset,” noted Israeli think tank director Daniel Rothschild said on Monday. Rothschild, who heads The Institute of Policy and Strategy (IPS), made his remarks at the annual Conference of Presidents gathering. The panel, entitled “Assessing The Region: What has […]

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The United States of America: Land of Overregulation?

Echoing the findings of The Heritage Foundation’s 2012 Index of Economic Freedom, the latest edition of The Economist sums up well the current status of America’s business environment: The home of laissez-faire is being suffocated by excessive and badly written regulation.… The problem is not the rules that are self-evidently absurd. It is the ones […]

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Obamacare’s Top Three Budget Busters

Obamacare increases unaffordable government spending, which ultimately comes out of taxpayers’ pockets. Here, we summarize three of the most costly provisions of Obamacare: 1. Medicaid Expansion: Beginning in 2014, Obamacare expands Medicaid to include all non-elderly individuals with income below 133 percent of the federal poverty level. The expansion of Medicaid accounts for more than […]

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Sen. Mike Lee

VIDEO: Obama ‘Manifestly Wrong’ on U.S. Constitution, Says Sen. Mike Lee

Few lawmakers have expressed as much outrage over President Obama’s unconstitutional “recess” appointments as Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT). He was among the first to warn about the consequences of the president’s unilateral action on Jan. 4. More than a month later, a new director is running the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and three members of […]

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Sen. Roy Blunt

Sen. Blunt Vows to Keep Pressure on Obama Over Anti-Conscience Mandate (VIDEO)

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) introduced legislation to protect religious organizations from Obamacare’s overreach last summer. Now, as President Obama presses forward with his anti-conscience mandate, Blunt is prepared to keep the pressure on the White House. “This is a genuine assault on First Amendment freedoms,” Blunt said in an exclusive interview with Heritage following a […]

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Barack Obama and the White House

GOP Should Concede Now to Obama, Says New York Times Columnist Thomas Friedman

The Republican party is playing Scrabble with lousy letters and should sit out the November election, says New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman. He said that the party’s inability to come up with a candidate who in his view does not offer constructive conservative proposals on the key issues and is ready for strategic compromises” […]

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Rep. Price: Obama’s Contraception ‘Accommodation’ is ‘All Rhetoric’

The chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee blasted the president’s self-styled “accommodation” of religious employers required under the Obamacare law to provide contraceptive services to employees in apparent violation of the Constititoin’s protection of religious liberty. “Under the President’s proposal,” explained Heritage’s Jennifer Marshall, “employers and employees will still bear the cost of paying for […]

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Blame the UN’s Power on George H.W. Bush

by Daniel Pipes February 7, 2012 Cross-posted from National Review Online: The Corner If Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor were the naïfs who foisted the United Nations on the world, George H. W. Bush was responsible for its revival as a political force. From about 1950 to 1990, the United Nations Security Council […]

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