Fort Hood and the Academic Apologists

by Cinnamon Stillwell

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  1. Facts are facts, and most all of the “obfuscating” left do not express any outright criticism of the Fort Hood Islamist, including Barack Hussein Obama, another (closeted) Muslim, who defined his Bother in Islam, Hassan, as having committed a “Working Place Accident” while crying “Allahu Akbar” and “accidentally shooting around 50 American Soldiers, of which 14 died. Philosophy apart, how can anyone in his right mind believe that it is possible to “accidentally” shoot so many people? Most incfredible, is the fact of the Pentagon accepting that the murdering Islamist should not be judged as a terrorist.

  2. Another crime, committed by Barack Hussein, is the fact that the murderer has been paid $287.000 dollars and is being paid in full, while the surviving victims and all of the affected families have not been compensated in any way, nor cared for.
    The crime was comitted almost four years ago and the judge, appointed by the Pentagon, has recently declared that the murdering jihadist will not be judged as a terrorist. Obama rules!!!

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