Attack on Be’er Sheva, Israel; Terrorists Fire Two Rockets; Have Increased Rocket Attacks Recently

Gaza terrorists fired two Grad rockets at Be’er Sheva on Wednesday evening. The rockets hit the city.

Aftermath of Grad rocket attack (archive)
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Aftermath of Grad rocket attack (archive)

First responders are scouring the area. No injuries have been reported.

The attack was the first of its kind since the conclusion of Operation Cast Lead in early 2009. It follows a steady trend of escalation of terrorism in Gaza. During Cast Lead terrorists hit Be’er Sheva seven times, causing injuries and massive damage to property.

On Wednesday morning Gaza terrorists fired five mortar shells at soldiers and civilians in the Negev. The IDF responded by firing on several terrorists, injuring them. One of the terrorists later died of his injuries.

While Hamas initially claimed that the wounded terrorists were in fact civilians collecting building material, the deceased man has been claimed by Islamic Jihad as a member of the terrorist group.

Terrorists in Gaza have been escalating their attacks on Israel for several months. In November, terrorists fired on Ofakim for the first time since Cast Lead; attacks on Ofakim and Netivot continued in January. Terrorists also began using phosphorous rockets.

In early January, terrorists fired on Ashkelon, hitting greenhouses near the city.


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