Netanyahu Disappointed by World’s Demands from Iran

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu expressed his disappointment on Tuesday over the way the negotiations between world powers and Iran, over its disputed nuclear program, were going.



Speaking at the annual conference of the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu said, “Not only should the sanctions on Iran be increased, the demands for which the sanctions were imposed must be increased and it must be insisted that Iran meets these requirements in full.”

He added, “Iran should stop all enrichment of nuclear material, it should remove all the material that has been enriched up to now and it should shut down the underground nuclear facility in Qom. Only an explicit Iranian commitment to realize all three of these requirements and ensuring their implementation can stop the Iranian nuclear program. This should be the target of the negotiations, but I say with regret that this is not what is demanded from Iran today.”

“It was expected that the world powers demand that Iran stop all enrichment, in light of Iran’s continuing violations and given that they enrich up to 20% today, but instead the demands are being watered down,” said the Prime Minister. “In the previous round of negotiations they were asked to stop the 3.5% enrichment, but that’s not what’s happening now. Now they do not even insist that Iran stop all enrichment.”

Netanyahu stressed, “On the one hand it is good that heavy economic sanctions are placed on Iran, it’s a positive thing, it’s important, we have called for it, and I say with satisfaction that this pressure is being exerted on Iran. But on the other hand, the sanctions must be accompanied by the requirements that I mentioned, and that will stop Iran’s nuclear program. It is very much possible that the Iranians will temporarily stop the enrichment of 20%, but that’s not enough. The real test will be if Iran agrees to cease all enrichment, to remove all the enriched material and dismantle the underground nuclear facility in Qom.”

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In his speech Netanyahu also addressed the problem of illegal infiltration into Israel and said, “There is a threat that could threaten the future of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. That threat is the breaching of our borders by illegal infiltrators. Already at the beginning of the government’s term we started to deal with this problem. In 2009, when this government started working, there was still no fence, not the beginning of a fence, no budget for a fence and no agreement was reached on the need to build a fence. Some said it’s not effective, that it does not stop the problem, that it’s expensive, that it’s unnecessary. When I insisted, they said ‘Well, let’s build two sections.’ I suggested otherwise.

“Other countries have lost control over their borders with prices that they cannot appreciate fully, but we know we cannot afford this,” added Netanyahu. “We decided within a year of establishing the government to put up the fence, to budget for the fence, and to complete the fence from Gaza to Eilat. This fence will be completed within a few months. I go down there every few months.

“My policy on illegal labor infiltrators is clear – to stop the entry of infiltrators through the fence while getting all the infiltrators who are in the country out,” said the Prime Minister. “We’ll start deporting the Southern Sudanese infiltrators subject to court approval, and I hope we get that approval in the coming days. Then we will proceed to other groups.”

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  1. Why don’t we pull out of all the countries that are in turmoil due to tribal and religious differences and/or have a problem with us.
    Let them all kill each other until a winner emerges. THEN, when we find if that party is favorable to living in peace and true freedom for all with us and others -FINE. If not, then we do all out war, I mean like WWII where everyone in that country is an enemy and the purpose is total destruction and anilation of all. There certainly would be a lot less to give resistance and killing them off should be easy.
    Look at Iraq. Money and lives lost and as soon as we leave they are right back to where they were when we intervened.
    The ignorant bastards have a tribal mentality, they have not contributed anything to better mankind since the advent of islam and they will not become civilized for another 1000 years, if then, so why screw with them. let them suffer and destroy themselves in their ignorance. Look at all the money that would be saved to put to the good of this country. All the lives spared that may go on to discover even more things that will benefit mankind!

  2. Yes. Let’s take a look at Iraq!

    How early on did the USA covertly begin to manipulate Iraq? 1950’s? Possibly earlier but let’s just start in the 50’s with the CIA getting in bed with the Ba’ath Party and move ahead from there. The date of this cannot be accurately identified but let’s move forward.
    1958 – the USA/CIA recruited Saddam Hussein as a CIA asset.
    1959 – CIA sent Saddam to murder Qasim, the leader of Iraq. Even in 1959 this was an International Crime by the CIA. Saddam failed.
    1959-1963 – Saddam in exile and educated in Egypt courtesy of the CIA.
    1963 – the CIA creates a bloody in Iraq – Saddam returns – is jailed – gets out – and is introduced by the CIA to the Ba’ath Party in 1964.
    I’ll try to make this short – you can investigate and fill in the blanks.
    1968 – Saddam a part of a bloodless coup. Goes into exile – hosted by Britain then Turkey.
    Al-Bakr named president – Saddam becomes his deputy, and deputy chairman of the
    Ba’athist Revolutionary Command Council
    1974+ – Highly repressive regime against most Iraqis and Kurds.
    1977 – Relations between Egypt and Iraq go south as Saddam criticises peace initiatives by
    Anwar Sadat with Israel. Egypt’s backing Iraq’s invasion of Iran warms relations in
    the 80’s.
    1979 – Saddam becomes pesident of Iraq. Heavily backed by USA.
    1980 – Attacks Iran shortly after the Iran Revolution kicks out the highly repressive USA
    represented by the CIA with some MI6 and MOSSAD.
    1981 – Immediately upon being inaugerated Reagan begins heavy support of Saddam’s
    invasion of Iran. (weapons, training,hundreds of advisers on the ground,spy satellite
    information,chemicals with which to make poison gas,delivery vehicle for gas)
    – German companies also provided chemicals.(hmmm. Very Nazi!)
    – Embargo on medicines needed by many Iraqi children remains.
    – Israel bombs French built nuclear plant near Bagdad.
    * NOTE: No insistance that Iraq adhere to the Nuclear Arms Non-Proliferation Treaty
    of 1968-1970!
    – No diplomacy.
    – Russia and USA continue to proliferate. If not in numbers, by power of
    – Israel refuses to sign. Israel continues to proliferate now having an
    estimated 700 nuclear bombs up from the previous estimate of 400.
    Israel refuses any information or investgaters. USA protects this
    desicion completely and uses its veto in the UN to defend Israel’s
    rogue attitude!
    – Complete disregard of International Law were completely ignored by the West/USA.
    – Use of chemical weapons (made available by the USA/Reagan) was ignored until
    Bush needed to accuse Iraq of having them. By this time they’d become useless.
    – At one point 3,000 Iranian troops were killed at one time by chemical weapons.
    Nobody cared!!!!!!!
    – USA/Reagan advised Saddam to bomb civilian targets in Iran.
    1988 – Gas attack on Kurds kills 5,000 civilians and seriously debilitating 10,000 others.
    – Nevertheless he got continued support from the USA and friends as well as the
    Soviets (hmm thought they were Iran’s friend!) China, France.
    – War ends….hundreds of thousands of casualties with up to i million dead. Iran
    successfully defended itself against Iraq and the USA primarily.
    1991 – Ali Ibrahim al-Tikriti, an Iraqi general and friend of Saddam has alleged that the Soviet
    Union covertly assisted the Iraqi Ba’athists. America loves this!
    1991 – Iraq sends Russian scud missiles to Israel. Israelis fear gas attack. America pissed
    off as with the rest of the world.
    Lots More.

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