Downsizing Fraud on the Public

By Peter Paton

Everyday we are seeing more and more examples of Downsizing of products and goods by Companies in a pernicious rip off and fraud on the Public. In the shopping malls we are seeing basic stable foods, drinks and products like Bread, Milk, Chocolates, Cheese, Yoghurts etc being streamlined and reduced in quantity and size, yet still these crafty Companies are passing off their goods as the same as before, and at the same price on the unsuspecting man and woman in the street.

In these trying and troubled times of a Triple Dip Recession Looming, it is incumbent upon the Government and Watch Dog, to dissuade and deter these greedy and unscrupulous Food Chains from deceiving the public, and passing statutes and legislation to penalize them financially if they continue to propagate this Wholesale Fraud and Deception being committed on their customers.

There is a Moral Obligation on the Boards and Shareholders of these Multi National Companies to act in a responsible and fair manner towards their customers, especially in the midst of a Triple Dip Recession, and also upon the Government and Public Watchdogs to oversee, monitor and prosecute greedy and grasping National Food Chains who are putting profit and gain before the interests of their customers and the general public, by fleecing their unsuspecting patrons, with the duplicitous and fraudulent practice of Downsizing

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