German police chief warns of security threat from thousands of migrants entering Europe

GERMANY is facing an unprecedented threat to its domestic security because of the unrelenting stream of migrants entering the country, a police chief has warned.


Up to a million refugees and economic migrants are expected in Germany this year, while more than 8,000 streamed over the Austrian border to the southern province of Bavaria on Wednesday alone.

And German security bosses are warning of outbreaks of violence and disorder on the streets as a result.

Officials are openly worrying about a potential rise in right-wing radicalism amongst Germans.

Head of the Federal Criminal Police Office in Germany Holger Muench said: “The security situation is getting worse with the growing numbers of refugees.”

Asylum seekers are increasingly clashing over limited resources, with alarming reports of mass brawls and knife attacks by newly arrived migrants in Germany.

Mr Muench added: “Conflicts among asylum-seekers are increasing, the mood among the right is being stirred. This dynamic worries me.”

The police chief said the number of offences against asylum seekers’ shelters had tripled so far this year to 600, of which at least 543 of a nationalist background.

Authorities are examining a further 10 cases of refugees suspected of taking part in war crimes abroad or for being a member of a terrorist organisation.

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