Liberals Gloat Over Sean Spicer’s Terrible Mistake

Sean Spicer used Hitler to make a point against Syria’s Assad – and that’s what happens when your mouth runs faster than your brain.

Around here we don’t use the H-word unless we really have to; we say “may his name be erased” and the point is made. Likewise we never compare H with anybody else, because there is no comparison. That’s where Spicer goofed. Pretty bad, too. He may never live that down after he told a room full of reporters that H never used chemical weapons against his own people.

He meant to present Syria’s Assad as today’s incarnation of evil. Good enough. He should have stopped there and left well enough alone.

But then he turned philosophical and blundered. Later, he apologized, saying yes he knew all about H and the crematoriums and the Holocaust.

He is upset for his error, and deeply regretful that he spoke poorly on behalf of the President.

Spicer is a good man doing a tough job. During every press corps setting he is the only Republican in a room stacked with Democrats.

He simply misspoke.

The apology will never satisfy Liberals who will take any opening they can get against Trump and his spokesperson.

Already Spicer is being lectured throughout the media for his “insensitivity.” The New York Times and New York Daily News jumped all over Spicer in solidarity with Jewish pain and as for the Times – thanks, but too late for favors. CNN played it super-righteous round the clock.

CNN is the network that gladly features the PLO’s Hanan Ashrawi and her constant blood libels against the Jewish State and the Jewish people…and all of that goes way back. But last night Jake Tapper felt superior enough to advise Spicer to begin making amends by visiting the Holocaust Memorial Museum. Others gloated in similar self-satisfaction and super self-righteousness.

These are the same people who casually compare Trump to H. Over and over again they’ve been doing it in print and over the air.

Back to the NY Times, many of us know how the paper of record only recorded the Holocaust in its back pages as incidental coverage – while the Holocaust was still happening. When describing the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, it neglected to use the word “Jew” and called the victims “persons.” Now, it appears, the same paper is trying to suppress a 2006 book that documents the Times’ incredible neglect. That book is “Buried by the Times: The Holocaust and America’s Most Important Newspaper”; written by Prof. Laurel Leff.

But onward they go, the Liberals.

Suddenly, THEY are sensitive, offended and aggrieved. Give them the moral high ground and they’ll take it in a flash.

In fact, the H-word has become sickeningly popularized to attack anyone Liberals don’t like. Check your Facebook page for the proof of this.

Spicer has learned his lesson. Among the truly principled, like Spicer, it ought to be a rule to use that H name with extreme caution…similarly the Holocaust.

Compared to it everything is trivial.

There are no adjectives for H or the Holocaust. The quiver in our vocabulary is too short to even give it a try.

Let’s realize that the Holocaust ruined language. It exposed the limitations of expression. Nothing written or spoken can tell what happened.

Sean Spicer has already apologized more than a dozen times. Where is everybody else?

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