Is there a cure for the disease that is Islam?

There is no doubt that over history and especially today the religion of Islam has been a cancer on humanity. Let’s take a look at some facts:

  • The first crusade was in 1095, by when Islam, by violent conquest, had conquered two thirds of Christian territory.
  • For 800 years the Muslim conquerors committed vast genocideon the Hindus and Sikhs of the Indian subcontinent. This was greater than the European Jewish holocaust.
  • Islam treats women abominably, as mere chattels.
  • Many current Islamic countries are engaged in civil war. Libya, Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Nigeria, North West Pakistan and arguably even Turkey.
  • Many current Islamic countries are brutally oppressive of their own population. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Iran are possibly the worst.
  • Nearly all terrorism in the World is committed by Muslims and sponsored by Muslim states. Atrocities against the West are now almost a weekly occurrence.
  • Islam is massively intolerant of all other religions. It seeks to wipe them all out. There are no churches in Saudi Arabia.
  • Muslim migrants have brought a huge crime wave to Europe. Theft, violence and sex crimes on an epidemic scale. Your police, politicians and press have sought to suppress the knowledge of this.
  • Barbaric social practices are commonplace within Islam. Beheadings, amputations, stonings, the Burqa, honour crimes, female genital mutilation, forced marriage, paedophilia.

There is a lot to fix there. Two main problems are that Islam never had the equivalent of the Christian Reformation, so primitive beliefs dominate their societies. The second problem is that the Saudi government spend billions promoting the evil extremist cult of Wahhabism across the world, making Islam far more violent and repressive.

However there are a small number of Muslims who are intelligent and educated and who can both clearly see the glaring faults with their religion and are willing to talk about them and do something about it. Some of these have just formed a new movement, the Muslim Reform Movement:

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As you can see they seek to make Islam into a God bothering superstition, just like any other religion. They want to get rid of the many evils. To treat women equally, to obey civil law, to respect other religions and cultures, to desist from barbaric practices. This is a huge ask, but if they can carry it off the benefits to the world would be immense.

Click here to open the Muslim Reform Movement website.

Click here to see the Muslim Reform Movement on Facebook.

And on Twitter they are @TheMuslimReform.

What they need now is government help. Western governments, out of self interest, need to fund them and to adopt their Declaration in all their domestic and foreign policies. The world would be a vastly better place if Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan behaved like this. And their citizens would lead supremely better lives.

But knowing the torpidity, stupidity and vested interests of our politicians this is hardly likely. Why bother trying to solve many of the world’s greatest problems?

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