Did George Soros actively work for the Nazis and Steal Jewish Property?

What is the truth, did George Soros actively worked for the Nazis?  The lefties are attacking Roseann Barr and  Donald Trump Jr. claiming they are promoting conspiracy theories about Soros being a Nazi collaborator , are they correct?

The claim that George Soros actively worked for the Nazis in World War II comes from a 60 Minutes interview he did in 1998 with Steve Croft .

Soros states in the interview, “I was 14 years old and I would say that that is where my character was made…If I weren’t there someone else would have been taking away their property, so I have no sense of guilt.”

He actually laughs and makes the case that people’s individual rights and property are similar to the stock markets. This is a man with no moral conscience!

While he was not a Nazi he did collaborate with them and he clearly says this in the interview video below.

George Soros  a Jew, born in 1930, was ages 9-14 when WWII was going on in Europe. Sensing real trouble coming, his father decided to split his family up and bought them all forged papers, in the hopes that they could hide their true Jewish identity, and if they were not all in one place, the odds of some of them surviving increased.

Soros’s father then bribed an official in Budapest to take in George, with the backstory being that he was this official’s Christian god-son. The official in question was in charge of cleaning up after Jews were sent off to camps; he would come in and take all their valuables, and as part of maintaining his cover, young George Soros assisted in this.

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He acts as if when you are 14 years old you don’t know right from wrong. As  a Jew he was a man 13 is the age of the bar mitzvah, and by the jewish religion, he is responsible for his own sins.

Keep in mind that in those times, kids had to grow up and be responsible from a very early age, specially when the world was at war. The truth is, he knew what he was doing and didn’t care. He still doesn’t.

For the left to attack Bar and Trump Jr. on the admitted collaboration is the left once again in denial of reality and facts. See for yourself:


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  1. According to Judaic law, THIRTEEN Years of age is considered the entry to Jewish manhood, not twelve years of age. George Soros was never a Jew,. According again to Judaic law, if the mother of the child is, herself, a member of the Jewish faith, then her son, in Georgi Soros’ case is also a Jew. Soros’ mother was a non-practicing Christian, married to Georgi’s father, a non-practicing Jew. The question of Jewish birth-rite centers around whether the mother was, which she was not. Soros’ father was politically active in the Hungarian Fascist organization. Its insignia was the “Arrow Cross” a deviation from the Nazi Swastika by designing a cross of equal measured arms with endings depicted as arrows, while the swastika symbol arms were ended by 90 degree angled endings. Otherwise, the Hungarian “Arrow Cross” was complicit with the Nazis for arresting and deporting Hungarian-Jews who were sent to prison camps to die. The Soros father and 14 YOA Giorgi were involved in confiscation of Hungarian-Jewish properties. The rumor that Giorgi was a Jewish child was merely a bit of color added to his dossier. Both Soros, father and son, were Hungarian Fascists, having assisted the Nazis who occupied Hungary during WW2. The Soros father did place Georgi into surroundings which completely identified Georgi as contrary to rumors, that he was correctly considered a non-Jew. It is believed that for purposes of emigrating to the USA, post WW2, Georgi Soros then became, as far as knowledge of him goes, plus ease of attaining entry into the USA, Soros suddenly became a Jewish survivor of wartime Fascist Hungary. At that time, one of the requirements for entry into USA was denial of any collusion with Nazis or Arrow Cross. Soros then became known as a Jew and survivor of Nazism-Fascism. As can be realized, Soros did quite well here in America. You may or may not be aware, that Soros is persona non grata to today’s Hungarian government. If he sets foot on Hungarian soil and is discovered, he will be imprisoned for trial of war crimes.

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