Mr. Vindman Admitted he didn’t follow the Chain of Command, Perjury?

GOP Congressman Jim Jordan is on fire today and got Mr. Vindman or as he demands we call him LtCol. Vindman backed into the corner.

Jordan (R-OH) got Vindman to admit that he didn’t ‘report to chain of command’ as he previously claimed in his closed-door testimony.

In Vindman’s previous deposition on page 154 of 259, Vindman said he was “reporting to chain of command” but Tim Morrison, who was his senior, didn’t know about his concerns about Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.

Congressman Mark Meadows pointed out this discrepancy on Tuesday in the middle of the show trial.

Col. Vindman, after the call, why didn’t you go to Mr. Morrison?” Jim Jordan asked Vindman.

“Per the instructions from the July 10th incident, I went immediately to Mr. Eisenberg (NSC lawyer) — after I expressed my concerns…it was an extremely busy week,” Vindman said.

 Vindman just stated he didn’t follow the Chain of Command as he was TOO busy. Although he said he managed to speak to two folks in the inter-agency, but not his superior. 

Officer Vindman needs to be court martialed and removed from the military for cause immediately according to Article 88 & 92 and Article  94 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

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Vindman continued, “I managed to speak to two folks in the inter-agency. I attempted to try to talk to Mr. Morrison. That didn’t happen before I received instructions from John Eisenberg to not talk to anybody else any further.”

So he went directly to an NSC lawyer with his grievances about Trump’s policy with Ukraine and leaked the contents of the call to George Kent and an individual in the IC (Eric Ciaramella) rather than to his boss Tim Morrison.

Jim Jordan was onto Vindman’s game and blasted him.

“You don’t talk to your boss, but you talk to your brother, you talk to your lawyer, you talked to Secretary Kent and you talked to the (whistleblower) — is that right?” Jordan said.

Jordan called out Vindman’s game — plant disinformation seeds by leaking to his “coordination partners” in order to launch another coup attempt to remove Trump from office — Vindman went outside of his chain of command and never spoke to his boss Tim Morrison because his plan from day one was to leak disinformation to a whistleblower.


Vindman was also caught lying on Tuesday when he claimed he didn’t know the identity of the whistleblower, however he then admitted to leaking to an ‘official in the intel community.’

Watch Vidman called on on his claim to not know the Whistleblower in this story link.

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Vindman admitted to being the primary source of leaks to Eric Ciaramella, so when is he going to get the ‘Roger Stone treatment’ for lying to Congress?

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