Nadler (D) Refuses to Answer a Simple Question by Republicans – A Circular Response

The House Judiciary Committee held a impeachment hearing on impeachment  on Wednesday less than 24 hours after the House Intelligence Committee voted along party lines on their impeachment resolution.

The hearing started with opening statements by committee chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and ranking member Doug Collins (R-GA). Republican lawmakers then asked the Democrat chairman questions on the schedule and process, Nadler refused to answer and simply stated “you’re not recognized” and ignored a legitimate question from Republicans.

Democrats refuse to clarify their own rules, just ignored a legitimate question. Who and why is this allowed, they simply state “not recognized” and shut them down. What is this Zimbabwe, Nigeria? Sad times for the United States.

The hearings add just more personal opinion and zero evidence. I believe the Democrats are now judging based on 5th-hand hearsay or feelings at this point.

This circus reminds me of playing cards with a spoiled niece. The rules are whatever Democrats  say they are.

I have a Parliamentary Inquiry. The gentlemen is not recognized. Why not? Just Because.

Professor Jonathan Turley, a Democrat, was the Republican witness to the Nadler impeachment panel on Wednesday.

Turley absolutely destroyed the Democrats’ latest attempt to remove President Trump from office.

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