News Flash: DOJ Targeted Other Conservatives

By Patti Stockman

A friend emailed me recently to say that on May 1st, in his opening monologue, Tucker Carlson made the statement, ”You don’t want to live in a society where the most powerful agency in government imprisons people it doesn’t like.  That is horrifying.”

Our friend lamented that he wishes there is someone who could “get Steve’s story to Tucker” because what happened to Flynn is so similar to what happened to Steve, my husband – former pit bull Republican congressman from Texas.

Numerous reports verify that Rep. Stockman was quite a fierce critic of and whistle-blower on the Obama administration.

As a result, he was pursued for four years by the Public Integrity Section of the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the nonprofit division of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – the very same corrupted team that went after Tea Party and other conservative nonprofit organizations around 2012.  The DOD took their story before four grand juries before they were even able to obtain an indictment.

Steve Stockmanin 2013 (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

Notably, the indictment of Stockman was signed by DOJ’s Raymond Hulser, who had been copied by Lois Lerner when she emailed DOJ players from her IRS email account to arrange meetings to plan how to take action against those nonprofits.  And it was Stockman who filed a resolution calling for Lois Lerner’s arrest due to her contempt of Congress in the whole IRS/DOJ conspiracy.

But back to the question of how to make the likes of Tucker and Sean Hannity aware of the extraordinary similarities in tactics between Steve’s case and those we’ve seen with Gen. Flynn, or even the president himself.

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One of our justice reform advocate friends who counsels the White House on this topic told me last week that neither Carlson nor Hannity have ever been very warm to justice reform efforts like the First Step Act.

When I heard that, I realized that must be why they’ve never picked up Steve’s story. They’re seeing it through their “hang em high,” “he must be guilty” lenses that most all of us conservatives and libertarians, Steve and me included, generally wear.  As I have said, friends “tend to believe there’s some guilt there.”

They don’t seem to be able to make the jump to realize that the DOJ/IRS team that prosecuted Steve would never have come after a sitting Congressman without the knowledge and approval of the guys at the top of those agencies – or to realize that Steve had been a threat individually to Obama, Holder, Lerner, and Clinton.  Yes; in fact, Steve Stockman had signed onto Rep. Pete Olson’s bill to impeach Eric Holder for his role in Fast and Furious

Of course, Stockman’s former colleagues and, in fact, most US-loving Americans want to believe that our Justice system is really just – that one really can be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a fair and honest jury trial.

But why is it that we can see the DOJ corruption surrounding President Trump and his associates, but not remember that those DOJ prosecutors, among which Adam Schiff formerly numbered, actually control everything the jury can see and hear?  Just recall the control former prosecutor Schiff exercised over evidence and testimony allowed in the House SCIF.

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It is impossible for an uninformed jury to return an informed and correct verdict.  Unfortunately, in politically motivated trials, juries are simply useful seat-warmers in “Soviet style show trials” as one of the government’s key witnesses in my husband’s case later called the trial.  Even Professor Alan Dershowitz wrote a whole book titled, Trumped up: How the Criminalization of Political Differences Endangers Democracy.

Television and radio hosts who have had Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, as their frequent guest should be able to make the jump from what has happened to Flynn, Stone, Corsi, and the president himself to the case brought against Obama thorn-in-the-side Rep. Steve Stockman.

And we, too, can attest to how defending against our government drains your every penny.  We had spent all our disposable finances on legal counsel before Steve was even indicted. We had to spend all of Steve’s retirement and much of my own.  Even now, the feds are garnishing my personal take-home pay to go towards the restitution levied on Steve.

Thus, we have never been able to hire a Sidney Powell with the chutzpah to help Steve win.  And most of the public has no idea of whatever happened to popular fire brand former talk show guest Rep. Steve Stockman.

Months after Stockman’s imprisonment and before he was even sentenced, Powell had said in an interview, “The ‘Public Integrity’ section of the Department of Justice is wrongly named. It is notorious for political prosecutions.”

After Stockman was sentenced to ten years in prison, Powell told radio host Bill Martinez, “If the government wants you in prison, you will go to prison. It doesn’t matter whether you are innocent or not. … Look what has happened to Congressman Steve Stockman.”

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Today, having been in prison for two years as of Easter day, Steve Stockman is crammed in with over 500 men into a group living situation where social distancing is important. Thus, not only can he not follow the president’s advice to us all to practice social distancing, his very life is in danger when the COVID-19 virus creeps into that prison location.

As of May 4, 40 federal inmates have died of the virus and the prison where Steve was a year ago had no virus presence at the beginning of April, but ended the month with 336 cases, now up to at least 458.  It’s just a matter of time and Steve is a 63-year-old diabetic, overweight with hypertension and scarred lungs from severe asthma earlier in life.   He’s been shut up in a tight group-living environment for over 30 days now with no exposure to sun or fresh air.  Congressman Steve Stockman’s sentence may become a death sentence since he is a prime target of Coronavirus since he has all the factors that bring death from the virus.  And our friend laments that someone should get Steve’s story to Tucker Carlson.



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