Biden Heading to His Delaware Basement Tomorrow as Thousands of Americans Trapped Behind Enemy Lines in Afghanistan

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Joe Biden is heading back to his Delaware basement on Saturday according to his public schedule.

Biden will depart Fort McNair for Wilmington, Delaware at 12:05 PM ET.

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Instead of staying in Washington and working with his top military advisors to come up with a plan to extract Americans trapped in Afghanistan, Biden is flying home.

Biden thinks he deserves a flight home more than Americans trapped in Afghanistan.

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Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Friday confirmed Americans are being beaten and harassed by the Taliban at checkpoints.

Americans are being blocked from traveling to Kabul airport.

The British Government is sending Para Troops in vehicles through the center of Kabul to rescue their citizens.

French forces have made multiple trips back and forth from their embassy over the last few days to extract over 200 French citizens out of the region.

Two German special forces helicopters have also arrived in Kabul to rescue citizens.

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There are reports that British special forces are rescuing Americans stuck in Afghanistan.

Joe Biden however is allowing tens of thousands of Americans to be at the mercy of a very dangerous terrorist faction as he takes off to his basement bunker.

Source material can be found at this site.

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