TWITTER FACING FINANCIAL NIGHTMARE – Must Prove It Didn’t Lie in SEC Filings About Bots Only 5% – Elon Musk Is Waiting – Newsweek Reports Biden Account Made Up of 50% Bots

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Twitter is in a terrible position. 

It is facing potentially devastating lawsuits for claiming less than 5% of its users were fake or bots in its filings with the SEC.  To report lies to the SEC is enough to take down any company and cause it to go bankrupt.  If investors make decisions based on a company’s financials, which they do, if found to be false, a company could be taken out.

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Earlier today we reported on the challenges Twitter has in reporting only 5% of its accounts are bots.  In 2017 we found that both President Trump and Hillary Clinton had millions of bots included in their list of followers, many more than 5%.

Elon Musk Is Right to Challenge Twitter on Number of Bots – Samples and Queries Show Massive Number of Twitter Accounts Classify as Bots

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Musk tweeted moments ago claiming his offer was based on Twitter filing honest SEC records.

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Unfortunately for Twitter Newsweek reports that half of Joe Biden’s followers are bots.

Almost half of President Joe Biden‘s current 22.2 million followers on Twitter are fake accounts, according to an audit tool provided by software company SparkToro.

SparkToro’s tool found that 49.3 percent of accounts following the official @POTUS Twitter account are “fake followers” based on analysis of a number of factors, including location issues, default profile images and new users.

This is not good for Twitter.  This is not good at all. 

Source material can be found at this site.

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