Inclusive Gays Verbally Assault Trump Supporter at Gay Pride Event – Whack Her in the Head (VIDEO)

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Trump supporter Rita Love was assaulted at a Pride parade for wearing a MAGA hat.

Rita calmly walked through the crowd who immediately started screaming at her and grabbing at her hat.

One gay man started following her screaming, “Nazi!” At one point he tried to steal her MAGA hat.

At the end of her video a fuming gay man whacks her in the head with a rolled up magazine.

The tolerant left strikes again!

Today News Africa reporter Simon Ateba asks, “Who is the hater, the person wearing a MAGA hat, or the person assaulting her, and repeatedly screaming at her for being a “NAZI”? pathetic! The level of intolerance is unbelievable!”

Source material can be found at this site.

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