Anti-Israel Mob Assembles Outside Home of Chuck Schumer, Arrests Begin Almost Immediately (VIDEO)

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An anti-Israel mob formed in front of the New York home of Senator Chuck Schumer tonight and the protesters were arrested almost immediately.

Funny how quickly arrests can be made in a case like this depending on who is being threatened.

Jewish students don’t get this kind of swift protection. Neither do conservative Supreme Court justices.

Breitbart News reports:

Hundreds of anti-Israel protesters gathered outside of Sen. Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) home in Brooklyn, calling for the United States to “stop arming Israel.”

Video footage posted to X showed what appeared to be hundreds of protesters gathered in the street outside of Schumer’s home for a “Seder in the Streets” on the second day of the Passover Jewish holiday.

A seder is a Passover holiday meal, which includes songs, stories, reading, and eating special foods, along with other traditions. For those who live in Israel, it is held on the first night of Passover, but for those outside of Israel, it is held on the first two nights of Passover…

Officers from the New York Police Department were captured on video telling protesters outside of Schumer’s home that they were “blocking vehicular traffic” and would be arrested for disorderly conduct if they did not “move and get onto the sidewalk.”

Here’s a clip of the protest:

Here’s a clip of police preparing to make arrests:

Schumer has tried repeatedly to appease the radical left on this issue. It clearly hasn’t worked.

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