Vaccines have destroyed society, unleashing a wave of irreparable damage to public health

We rarely hear about it due to the system-wide embargo on truthful information about the damage they cause, but vaccines have destroyed the world.

A Midwestern Doctor, a popular Substack account, conducted an extensive review into the science behind vaccines that never sees the light of day. The doctor found that the ugly truth about vaccines stays hidden in order to protect “the business,” meaning the vaccine arm of Big Pharma.

To tell the ugly truth about vaccines “would destroy the vaccine programme,” the doctor writes, which is why it is never told. One of them is the fact that vaccines do not prevent disease, and instead cause more of it.

Diseases that were once thought to be eradicated have returned, but not because the unvaccinated. The doctor found that vaccines are reintroducing these ancient illnesses, which are today being dubbed a “mystery.”

Take the smallpox vaccine, for instance. Introduced in 1798, the smallpox jab was frequently observed to cause smallpox outbreaks rather than prevent them, but this ugly truth was swept under the rug.

If modern medicine was an honest science, the smallpox jab would have been pulled from the market and relegated to the dustbin of the world’s worst scientific mistakes. Instead, the smallpox jab laid the groundwork for the thereafter release of a host of new vaccine injections, all of which do the same type of thing.

“Having looked at it extensively, I am of the opinion the smallpox vaccine reshaped the trajectory of humanity’s health and ushered in the era of chronic illness,” the doctor writes.

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Skip all jabs

The vaccines that would come after smallpox unleashed other new health problems, often due to quality control issues. Besides their inherent toxicity, new vaccines would get pumped out at an increasingly faster rate, and all the new companies trying to cash in on the jab rush to cut corners to save a buck.

“Because of this, a variety of new and severe medical conditions emerged, many of which were deemed to be due to brain inflammation (encephalitis) or brain damage (encephalopathy) and observed to occur in conjunction with cranial nerve damage,” the doctor explains.

“Most of these conditions in turn mirrored the myriad of injuries we now too see from modern vaccinations.”

Back in the 1980s, it was rare for children to show symptoms of autism or other neurological problems. Today, autism is common, as are many other chronic illnesses that prior to the advent of vaccines were rare, if not nonexistent.

Real science backs these claims, by the way, but most of it remains hidden while the fake kind promoting vaccines constantly gets pushed to the forefront of the news cycle.

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“Numerous clinical trials of individual vaccines (e.g., the HPV vaccine) show that vaccines cause many of the same disorders (e.g., a myriad of autoimmune conditions) that have increased in parallel to the number of doses of the vaccine one receives (e.g., the second shot is almost always more likely to cause a severe reaction than the first),” the doctor further writes.

“This in turn suggests that taking a large number of vaccines (presently the ever increasing CDC schedule gives children 90 before they turn 18) puts them at risk for developing chronic disease.”

Though many such studies have been conducted over the years, research highlighting all of this does not typically get published in any of the medical journals that the modern medical profession looks to for guidance. As such, the vaccine racket continues, seemingly without end.

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