UN vote

UN Tweets In Favor Of One-State Solution: ‘Typo of Epic Proportions’

Hours before the United Nations General Assembly voted in favor of recognizing the Palestinian Authority as a non-member observer state, the official U.N. Twitter account made an egregious typo, tweeting in favor of a one-state solution. “On Day of Solidarity with Palestinians, Ban Ki-moon stresses urgency of reaching 1-state solution,” read the tweet. The message, […]

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Fatah's US-trained troops

Next Step for Hamas-PA Unity: Terror

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement is marching hand-in-hand with Hamas, which has offered the movement, founded by Yasser Arafat, “to put our hands together and carry the gun.” The rift between the two rival factions seemed irreparable in 2007, when Hamas ousted the Fatah leadership from Gaza in a bloody militia war of […]

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Menorah in Miami

Miami Vandals Try to Extinguish Light of Hanukkah

A giant menorah and dreidel in Miami, both of which are artistically and aesthetically covered in seashells, were vandalized over the weekend, in an unsuccessful attempt to spoil the Hanukkah spirit of light, hope and faith. Unidentified vandals attempted to turn the large Chabad Hanukkah display on Lincoln Road into a symbol of hate, scrawling the words “you killed […]

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Hurricane Sandy: Not the Global Warming Bombshell It’s Cracked Up to Be

Heavy rains wiping out crops, the Baltic Sea freezing over, unusually powerful earthquakes triggering tsunamis, and the largest flood recorded in central Europe. Top it off with famine, plague, and social unrest, and people began talking about the end of the world—in the early 14th century. These days, 14th-century Europe sounds a bit familiar in […]

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International Religious Freedom: President Obama Misses an Opportunity

A painted welcome to President Obama in Burma. (Photo: EPA/Newscom) President Obama missed a key opportunity to advance robust religious liberty in prepared remarks delivered in Burma recently. This is especially disappointing given that Burma has a long track record of persecution against religious minorities; the plight of Muslims in its west is just the […]

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Fiscal Cliff: House Republican Proposal Abandons Core Principles, Gains Little

The House Republican leadership has offered a substantive counteroffer to President Obama’s frivolous fiscal cliff proposal of last week. At first blush, it appears little more than categorical, pre-emptive capitulation. To be fair, the details of the Republican proposal are extraordinarily vague. Nor is much clarity or comfort gained from the three-page accompanying letter sent […]

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Cloakroom: Hurry Up and Wait

House Cloakroom: December 3 – December 7 Analysis: The House has returned from its Thanksgiving vacation, when Members undoubtedly ate well and enjoyed numerous football games, to do… more of the same. They spent the most of the past week naming post offices until they finally got around to an immigration measure on Friday. All […]

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Helping the Poor and Addicted Turn Their Lives Around (VIDEO)

Strong marriage and family relationships are crucial to fighting poverty. This was the message shared by grassroots leaders at an anti-poverty conference sponsored by The Heritage Foundation and the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise this past September. These leaders shared firsthand experience and common-sense intuition about poverty reduction. They explained what sociological research and data continually […]

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