Jonathan Pollard

Obama Has No Intenion of Releasing Pollard; Cites Race as Issue

U.S. President Barack Obama has no intention of releasing Jonathan Pollard from prison, despite the fact that over 70,000 thousand people have already signed onto an online petition calling for Pollard’s release, Channel 10 News reported on Wednesday. The report cited close associates of Obama as having said, “The President does not understand why he […]

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The Best Part of the Oscars 2013

America has been buzzing about the dresses, the stars, the winners, and the hit films all week. But the most important part of the Oscars is a real-life drama that is still playing out. It is not unusual for Hollywood actors to use their stardom to bring attention to human rights and humanitarian causes. But […]

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Small Business Administration: No Room for Sequestration Cuts?

Smith/MCT/Newscom The White House warns that sequestration “would reduce loan guarantees to small businesses by up to $902 million”—loans that it claims are “investments that are helping grow our economy.” Setting this flawed Keynesian line of thinking aside, it’s worth investigating whether or not there is room to reduce spending at the Small Business Administration […]

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