Keystone XL: Parallels to the Alaska Pipeline

Jim West/ZUMA Press/Newscom As the U.S. commemorates the 40th anniversary of passage of the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline Authorization Act of 1973, it is worth remembering the challenges the project overcame and how they mirror the challenges facing the Keystone XL Pipeline today. An 800-mile engineering marvel, the Alaska Pipeline was completed in two years and two […]

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Violence Against Christians Flares in Pakistan Amid Charges of ‘Blasphemy’

( – Christian schools in several cities remained closed on Monday following the weekend looting and torching of more than 150 Christians’ homes and stores by a Muslim mob riled by allegations of “blasphemy” against Mohammed. The violence in Lahore, the capital of Punjab state, sparked protests by Christians there and in other cities, in […]

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6 Things the Next U.S. Budget Should Do

It’s time for Congress to make a real budget—and not just any budget. It’s been four years since the U.S. had a real budget. While the House of Representatives has passed budgets, the Senate has stopped each one. Instead, the Senate under Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has done short-term, stopgap measures to keep the […]

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Hackers (illustrative)

China Hacks Skype to Censor Citizens

Chinafotopress/ZUMApress/Newscom Chinese hackers have infiltrated the popular Internet messaging service Skype. The hackers have modified the operation of Skype so that the Skype programs on Chinese computers all have keyword systems to identify when the citizens use forbidden words, according to Jeffrey Knockel, a computer science researcher at the University of New Mexico. The forbidden […]

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Unemployment Remains a Stumbling Block in the Eurozone

Newscom January’s unemployment numbers for the 17 countries of the eurozone has moved closer to 12 percent. This underscores the strong economic headwinds that face these member nations as they continue to grapple with an ongoing economic crisis. This same data reveals deep internal chasms within the eurozone between the economically healthy member nations and […]

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North Korean Threat: Obama Administration Undermines Missile Defense

Korean Central News Agency via Korean News Service Yesterday, White House spokesman Jay Carney asserted that the U.S. is “fully capable of defending itself” against a North Korean ballistic missile attack. Carney didn’t mention that the Obama Administration has tried to undermine the long-range missile defense program since it came into office. First, it decided […]

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