Ted Cruz at CNN Debate

Ted Cruz Will Be The GOP Nominee

Fletcher Armstrong | Jan 11, 2016 Yogi Berra said, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”  But here goes.  Barring a major political earthquake, Ted Cruz will be the GOP nominee later this year. As the primaries get under way, two or three candidates will quickly emerge.  Based on the voting blocks which […]

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HOUSTON, Texas – Over the weekend, Presidential candidate Ted Cruz continued to gain momentum as courageous conservatives around the country continued to coalesce behind his campaign for President. In Idaho, Cruz scored two major victories among Republicans, as the Gem State’s Presidential Primary approaches on March 8th. The leadership of the Idaho Republican Party gathered […]

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Paul Ryan (R–WI)

Paul Ryan: Donald Trump or Ted Cruz would be a ‘far better president than Barack Obama’

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan says the country would “absolutely” be better off with Donald Trump or Ted Cruz as commander in chief than President Obama. “I think any one of these men or women running for president in the Republican primary would be a far better president than Barack Obama,” Ryan told Yahoo News’ […]

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Celebrating the U.S.-Israeli alliance

Ted Cruz | 10:56 a.m. CST December 31, 2015 In August 1979, a Republican candidate for president named Ronald Reagan published an op-ed in the Washington Post titled “Recognizing the Israeli Asset.” The piece examined the Middle East from Reagan’s fundamental perspective on American foreign policy as a “We win, they lose” fight against totalitarian Communism; […]

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Half Of Voters Embarrassed With Trump, Quinnipiac National Poll Finds; Trump At Top Of GOP, But Cruz Closes In

Six weeks before the Iowa Caucuses open the 2016 presidential race in earnest, Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz lead the Republican field nationally, but Trump trails either Democratic candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, and 50 percent of American voters say they would be embarrassed to have […]

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Marco Rubio Desperately Plays the ‘Isolationist’ Card

Doug Bandow | December 11, 2015 After claiming a special expertise in foreign policy, GOP presidential wannabe Marco Rubio finds himself under fire because of his neoconservative tendencies. He’s responded in the usual way for someone whose policies would keep America perpetually at war: accuse his critics of being “isolationists.” Trying to defend his record of supporting […]

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