Israeli Air Force Retaliates for Terrorist Attack on School Children: Hits Terror Targets in Gaza

The Israeli Air Force attacked on Thursday evening nine terror targets throughout the Gaza region. As well, three tunnels that were used to smuggle terrorists and weapons in Gaza were bombed by the IAF overnight on Thursday. Earlier on Thursday, aircraft and armored forces attacked two terrorist groups, one in northern Gaza and one in […]

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Netanyahu in Germany to Ward off European Endorsement for a Unilaterally-Declared PLO State

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is in Germany today, hoping to ward off European endorsement for a unilaterally-declared PLO state. His alternative plan is almost equally worrisome to the nationalist camp – members of which are also in Germany, meeting with Freedom Party leaders. German officials said that on the table in today’s talks between Netanyahu […]

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Catch Co-Authors of ‘Why Obamacare is Wrong for America’ On BookTV

As has been well documented, Obamacare is destructive to Americans on several fronts: economically, medically, Constitutionally, ethically, and otherwise. This government takeover of America’s health care system (mislabeled as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or PPACA) must be stopped. And therein may lie the one positive side effect of this misguided law: it […]

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Bahrain Targets ‘Undesirable’ Travelers and Bad Memories

Bahrain is targeting two types of travelers its government has apparently singled out for “special processing” at the country’s sole international airport. Those who appear to be journalists and travelers of Lebanese origin are being stopped by immigration officers, according to a report published by the online Asia Times. “The Kingdom of Bahrain’s new greeting […]

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Funding the Right Force to Protect America

A battle continues to rage in Washington over the 2011 federal budget, and a long-term war on how to cut the $14.3 trillion dollar deficit is about to begin. But as political opponents spar over spending, the United States military is waging a real war in Afghanistan, helping to stabilize Iraq, conducting operations across the […]

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