The Arab World – Incubator of Innovation in Terrorism

by Daniel Pipes December 29, 2010 updated Jan 4, 2011 It’s been a very long time since Arabic-speaking peoples brought benefit to humanity by, say, developing new medicines and technology or advancing democracy and human rights. Indeed, the area where the Arabophones seem most adept at innovation would be terrorism. Airplane hijackings, suicide bombings, and […]

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This Chaplin Does not Like Tramps

For the Western media, the argument between Russian orthodox church spokesperson Vsevolod Chaplin (head of the Synodal Department for Church and Society )and Russian feminists was familiar stuff. Chaplin had claimed that immodest dress by women invited sexual assault. After arousing a torrent of protest, Chaplin refused to back down and added that a woman […]

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Turmoil in Tunisia

by Daniel Pipes The Washington Times January 18, 2011 The sudden and as-yet-unexplained exit of Tunisia’s strongman, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, 74, after 23 years in power has potential implications for the Middle East and for Muslims worldwide. As an Egyptian commentator noted, “Every Arab leader is watching Tunisia in fear. Every Arab citizen […]

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Food Price Increases ‘May Cause Unrest’

BERLIN — Agriculture ministers from Europe, Africa and Canada warned Saturday of dire consequences, including riots and social unrest, unless action is swiftly taken to improve food security and tackle price hikes. The ministers from Germany, France, Poland, Ukraine, Morocco, Kenya and Canada met in Berlin to prepare for a larger gathering which was to […]

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Canada to Screen ‘Iranium’ Despite Threats

The Library and Archives of Canada will hold a February screening of the film “Iranium,” an expose of the dangers posed by Iran’s nuclear program, despite cancelling a planned screening in January, the film’s promoters said Sunday. An exclusive pre-release screening of Iranium, scheduled to take place Tuesday night January 18 at the Library and […]

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Abbas: I Agreed to a United Jerusalem

Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas told Arab television network Al-Jazeera Saturday that he had reached agreements with Ehud Olmert – when Olmert was prime minister – that Jerusalem would not be divided. The two leaders agreed, he said, that Jerusalem would remain open to all religions and would have two municipalities operating side by side, one […]

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