Obama Places Himself on the Continuum of Greatness – Considers Himself 4th Greatest President

Posted on December 20, 2011 by John Hinderaker There was an initially-overlooked moment in President Obama’s recent interview with 60 Minutes. Excerpts from the interview were played on television, and CBS posted the interview in its entirety on its web site. Left on the cutting-room floor, it turned out, was a revealing moment when Obama […]

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Willful Blindness Toward Terrorists at UCLA a Decade After 9-11

by Judith Greblya FrontPage Magazine December 23, 2011 The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Center for Near Eastern Studies hosted a roundtable discussion last month titled, “After a Decade of the ‘War on Terror’: The Middle East, Human Rights and American Muslims.” Sponsored by the UCLA School of Law Critical Race Studies Program, the […]

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Islamic Gulf States Rally Around Saudi Call for “Union” Against Iran

Gulf Arab leaders Tuesday rallied behind Saudi King Abdullah’s call to form a “single entity” in their ongoing move to form a strategic bulwark against their increasingly aggressive rival Iran. King Abdullah said Monday the security of Saudi Arabia and its Arab neighbors was being targeted, in an apparent reference to Iran, and called on […]

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Hezbollah on the Decline?

by Daniel Pipes December 21, 2011 Cross-posted from National Review Online In its 30-year history, Hezbollah has gone from strength to strength, going from simple terrorist group to major political force within Lebanon. But now, with economic sanctions starting to bite in Iran and the government of Syria fighting for its life, Hezbollah has met […]

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Gush Katif (Gaza) ‘Conquers’ Natzrat Ilit; Residents Continue to Rebuild After Forced Eviction

Zvi Lev of the “Torah Core Group” in Natzrat Ilit (Upper Nazareth) told Arutz Sheva that 16 families from the destroyed communities of Gush Katif now reside in the city. “We held a big party open for the city,” Lev said. “Rabbi [Shmuel] Tal came with all the students from the Yad Binyamin yeshiva. We all […]

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Barghouti: Shalit Deal Not Good Enough; Wants More Terrorists Released

Jailed Fatah arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti told a Jordanian newspaper on Thursday he was disappointed with the prisoner exchange between Hamas and Israel. “We welcome the exchange deal which saw the release of hundreds of strugglers who had spent many years in occupation prisons,” Barghouti told Jordan’s al Ghad newspaper. “But we were hoping that the […]

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