Chemical Industry Fears Job Losses If Congress Subsidizes Natural Gas Cars

America’s chemical industry is one of the biggest consumers of natural gas. But it is stridently opposed to government interference and taxpayer-funded subsidies for the production, use and purchase of natural gas vehicles. American Chemical Council chief executive Cal Dooley, a former Democratic congressman from California, spoke at today’s Bloggers Briefing about the organization’s criticism […]

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The Hamas – Oops, Gaza – Flotilla

The Jerusalem Post By David Harris June 21, 2011 We’re on the verge of another “flotilla” to Gaza. Estimates of the number of ships and participants vary from day to day, tending downward, but the erstwhile organizers insist that the maritime operation will take place. Their spokesmen have been hyperactive in drawing attention to the […]

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Netanyahu: “The Party is Over” for Terror-Prisoners

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said benefits and privileges enjoyed by terrorists in Israeli prisons would be revoked following Hamas’ refusal Thursday to allow the International Red Cross to visit kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit. “I have decided to change Israel’s policy toward terrorists siting in Israeli jails,” Netanyahu said at the closing event of the […]

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Congress Shines Light on Chavez’s Iran Connections

On June 24, a Joint House Committee hearing on Venezuela’s Sanctionable Activities made a concerted effort to shed light on President Hugo Chavez’s dangerous ties to Iran. Representative Connie Mack (R–FL) and others expressed a deep-seated concern that the sanctions recently placed on the government-controlled oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), were insufficient. In May […]

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Israel: Part Itself from the Palestinians?

by Daniel Pipes June 21, 2011 updated Jun 26, 2011 Ha’aretz is admittedly not the most reliable source but if one believes Barak Ravid’s report on what Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told his cabinet two days ago, June 21, it has important implications. According to Ravid, he surprised many of the participants in the […]

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The Palestinian Authority’s 4 Unreasonable Preconditions for Talks with Israel Include Support at UN

The Palestinian Authority has presented the Quartet of peacekeeping nations (the United States, Russia, United Nations and European Union) with four pre-condition for resuming talks with Israel. Palestine Liberation Organization chief negotiator Saeb Erekat told Saudi newspaper Al-Watan in an interview Friday the list of demands included the following: 1. A complete halt to all […]

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