Let’s Blame the Jews

In a Charity groups annual report, they reported that  Antisemitism has increased since the 1990s in the UK. Much of the Anti-Semantics is rooting from the Muslims communities with the UK. British Comedian Pat Condel responds enough already “Let’s blame the Jews”. [youtube eIesXORjBps nolink]

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The Lehman Brothers Plan

Mises Daily:   People often ask me, “What do you think the government should do instead of QE inflation?” My stock answer is that the government should not try to fight the depression with government spending and cheap credit. Trying to stop the market from correcting the errors of the past only delays the consequences and […]

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Obama’s Jihad

Ever since Barack Hussein Obama gave his speech to the Muslim world and essentially flung Israel under the bus, I have read countless analysis of his speech. His every word, right down to the commas, have been deconstructed with a passion usually reserved for the study of Talmud. My brother-in-law, David, a rabbi and businessman […]

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A Turning Point in the Arab-Israeli Conflict?

by Daniel Pipes May 15, 2011 updated May 23, 2011 I predicted a few weeks ago that Arab upheavals might inspire Palestinians to shift “away from warfare and terrorism in favor of non-violent political action. That could include massive non-violent demonstrations such as marching on Israeli towns, borders, and checkpoints.” Right on cue, on what […]

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‘A Palestinian State is an Illusion’

Dr. Ron Breiman, former chairman of Professors for a Strong Israel and currently the spokesperson of the Hatikva faction in the National Union party, praised Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for his tough stance and response to President Barack Obama after the speech on Thursday in which Obama called for the formation of a Palestinian state […]

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