White House Creating Enemies List of Those That Oppose Their Health Care Plan

From American Future Fund Political Action (verified the request to report fellow Americans from White House blog at whitehouse.gov):

What images arise when you think of a government constructing a list of people who disagree with its decisions?

What would you think if you knew it was occurring within our own White House?

In a shocking new development, one senator has asked the Obama administration to stop collecting “fishy” information Americans see on health care reform – and he’s asking Obama to stop before the White House ends up collecting electronic information about its so-called enemies!

That’s right – Sen. John Cornyn is standing up for United States taxpayers, asking the president to block these efforts.

The article states:

    Cornyn was responding to a post on the White House’s blog Wednesday in which users are asked to help stop the spread of disinformation about legislation to overhaul health insurance. The post offers an e-mail address, [email protected], for users to forward anything “on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy.”
It’s frightening to think that in America, the White House develops a list if you disagree with them. Utterly frightening.

Are YOU on this list? Let’s hope not. But we are going to have to remain resolved in our efforts.

American Future Fund Political Action stands with you in your efforts to oppose the government-run ObamaCare. We will fight against their “Fish Lists” and fight for your right to freedom of speech as protected by the Constitution.

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