Suspected Iranian Nuke Test Site Identified

An Iranian building suspected as a test site for nuclear explosions has been identified through satellite imagery by Washington think tank.

Ahmadinejad: Our nuclear program is for peace
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Ahmadinejad: Our nuclear program is for peace

The identification of the site at the Parchin complex near Tehran adds more circumstantial evidence that Iran is trying to manufacture a nuclear weapon, a charge it constantly has denied.

David Albright, president of the Institute for Science and International Security and a former United Nations weapons inspector, told CNN that the imagery shows a building that may contain a high-explosive test chamber. He explained, “It is located on a relatively small and isolated compound within the Parchin military site and has its own perimeter security wall or fencing.”

A senior U.S. official told CNN, “We know explosive compression was done at this chamber. This is where explosives are.” His statement indicates that the United States might have issued false reports in the past when it rejected Israeli warnings that Iran was continuing development to obtain nuclear capability.

The Parchin site has been closed to United Nations inspectors despite Iran’s promise that they could view the facility. Iran last week again said it would allow inspectors to enter, but it did not set a timetable for a visit and did not say what conditions it would impose on the scientists.

Yukiya Amano, the director general of IAEA, told CNN last week. “We have the indication or information that Iran has engaged in activities relevant to the development of nuclear explosive devices. Iran is not telling us everything.”

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The U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency stated last  week that experimental nuclear detonation system may have been taken place at Parchin.

Satellite imagery also shows earth removing machines hauling away probable evidence of nuclear activity at Parchin in advance of a visit by United Nations inspectors.

Source material can be found at this site.

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