Terrorist Training Camps Near You

Terrorist Training CampsNo matter where you live, you need to be concerned about Islamic terrorist training camps that are being planted throughout the United States.

I am very, very serious.

Christian Action Network tracks and monitors these training sites that not only teach Sharia, but are recruiting militants to strike at our nation.

And today thousands of potential terrorists are being trained to hate America at locations all across the country!

Christian Action Network’s mission is to protect our great nation’s religious and moral heritage. And today there is no greater danger to that heritage than the one posed by “home grown” Islamic terrorists.

Right this very moment, we are legally monitoring scores of Islamic sites all over the U.S. where we have good reason to believe anti-American militants are preaching their hatred and encouraging violence against Americans.

And we do this by literally flying over these compounds in civilian aircraft taking pictures and making sure the Islamists understand that the American people are watching them.

We are like a national anti-terrorist neighborhood watch. Only we use airplanes!

Please help us continue to conduct these over flights by making a generous contribution today.

These flights are a truly great deterrent and are very valuable to our government. Federal law enforcement officials who aren’t legally allowed to fly over these sites actually rely on information we receive to keep an eye on these militants!

The danger from these domestic Islamic training camps is very, very real.

For instance, in Hancock, New York, the Town of Islamberg was founded by the militant group Muslims Of America.

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The residents of this Islamic dictatorship located just three hours outside of New York City are forced to obey Sharia law and even told what they may watch on television. Women are denied an education and compelled into polygamous marriages.

Anyone who defies this town’s Islamic elders may be tied to a tree and beaten!

The leaders of this heavily armed “town” are inspired by Sheikh Mubarak Gilani in Pakistan, and their goal is to expand militant Islam across America by any means they can.

The Town of Islamberg is just one of the many training camps we are monitoring. And that is why we need your help.

Our critical “civilian over-flight project” is incredibly expensive. We have to pay for fuel and the airplanes we use.

And, like I just mentioned, law enforcement officers are coming to depend on these perfectly legal over flights to keep an eye on the Islamists.

So, I desperately need your help. We receive absolutely no funding from the government or any law enforcement agency. We rely exclusively on loyal, patriotic Americans to keep these flights flying.

If you care at all about protecting our great nation from the scourge of Islamic extremism, please make the very best contribution you can today.

Thank you in advance for your help and may God bless America in these dangerous and trying times.


Martin Mawyer
Founder and President
Christian Action Network

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  1. We should burn them out.yes America can’t let the government let us be slaughtered like pigs.the above statement is for entertainment only

  2. Is this not unconstitutional. Foriegn incursions such as this should be snuffed out. This is a Christian nation and we should try to teach these cultists that Jesus is the only way not mohumid nor allah!!!! Why do not the local or national gov do something about this

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