Muslims Fly Nazi Flag at Hevron Mosque

Hundreds of residents of Gush Etzion, south of Jerusalem, were astounded Monday morning to see an oversized Nazi flag flying next to a mosque in the Arab town of Beit Omar.

The residents notified the IDF.

A resident, Uri Arnon, told the Tazpit News Agency: “I felt we were going back 75 years, losing our hold on the land. The Arabs no longer feel the need to hide their murderous tendencies, announcing out loud that they wish to annihilate us.”

An IDF spokesman said that the flag was hung on an electrical line, and that they were waiting to professionals to come and remove it.

Nazi flag flying in Hebron is proof …the problem between Jews and the so-called Palestinians is not about land and will never be about land. The problem is that Jews are not dead. The Arabs fly the Nazi flag, because their goal is to murder Jews until G-d forbid no Jews are left on Earth. Thus if Israel grants them an independent state built on holy Jewish land. Israel is not only stupid, but she is suicidal. Muslims = Nazis, these are not partners for peace.

Many Muslims love Hitler for his shared ideology with Islam to kill all Jews, look at this Hitler posting on Facebook by Iranian Muslims, cheering Hitler on.

See the Facebook page here.

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