Robberies and rapes skyrocket in Europe as immigration wave continues

Even though the EU tries to control the situation with refugees from the Middle East, the police and the Europeans themselves have to admit: a wave of robberies and rapes has swept across Europe. At the same time, journalists, police officers and even European female residents are shocked that their male friends, lovers and even husbands are afraid to protect them from rapists and thieves.

The police of Finland is investigating ten cases of rape, in which migrants appear as suspects. Refugees assault and even rape European women “in public,” although law-enforcement authorities have to conceal the nationality of criminals “to avoid mass riots” and not to fuel anti-migrant sentiments.

Official representatives of European law-enforcement authorities acknowledge that refugees attack and rape European citizens on a regular basis.

“I was walking with two friends of mine, one of them does weightlifting and the other one was carrying a heavy set of tools. They were waiting for me at the store, but then teenage migrants attacked me and snatched my purse out of my hands and ripped earrings from my ears. I was screaming, but my friends were standing there doing nothing,” a French woman named only as Marie said. The attack was captured on surveillance cameras, but the police simply advised the woman should be more cautious in problematic neighborhoods and said that it would be impossible to find the perpetrators, because migrants look very much alike.

Here is another story told by German woman named as Heidi. The woman and her husband were shopping at a local supermarket. “I went to open the vehicle to unload the shopping cart, when I was attacked by three men in their thirties. Another man was standing with a knife in his hand between me and my husband. They ripped my clothes, I was struggling and screaming, but my husband simply pulled out a cell phone and said that he would call the police. I was being raped in front of his very eyes, but he was just crying hysterically, calling the police and trying to run round the guy with a knife, making him laugh,” the woman wrote on her page.

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Migrants follow and bother European women in places where police are not present. European young men do not interfere and pretend that they do not notice what is happening a few meters from them. The “descendants of great nations of warriors” pretend that they are hurrying home, to work, to school and anywhere else not to be beaten or stabbed by asylum seekers.

“There is no work, there is nothing to do here, it’s very boring and cold. I guess that local women have many sexual fantasies, because they are attracted to southern men. Local men are weak and sick, they can not do anything. They do not even fight if you push them in the street, even if there are several of them walking,” Iraqi citizen Abdul Sahut said on camera.

“We came to escape, we want to settle down and earn something here. Not everyone can get work, and there are not many women. Local women are teasing us, and I am not surprised when brothers take them by force,” a Kurd national said.

According to Der Paritatischer, Pro Familia, LandesFrauenRat, asylum seekers see Arab migrant women as their “trophy.” For many male migrants, European women is a trophy as well. They do not even hesitate to share their concerns with European TV channels.


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