New Trump Republicans as Vile as BLM Movement: Viciously Attack Conservatives

Trump’s candidacy has attracted white supremacists, racists, and some of the most evil thugs.  The Democrats used to house these people, but Obama being the face of the Democrats was too much for them and they have now found a new home within the GOP and have been embraced by Trump.

Trump made sure that only his supporters would be on the convention floor in front of the podium in order to disrupt Ted Cruz’s speech.  These Trump supporters are so nasty that they were attacking Ted Cruz’s wife and she had to be escorted out for her own safety.

The Right Scoop might have stated it best:

Of course, the scumbag Trump crowd turned to attack Heidi Cruz after their clown cult leader was humiliated by bad-ass Ted Cruz.

Stay classy, morons.

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New Trump Republicans as Vile as BLM Movement: Viciously Attack Conservatives, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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  1. A little background before I comment:
    My first presidential vote was for Dwight D. Eisenhower,our 34th President.
    I have voted in all national and state elections in any jurisdiction in which I was legally registered.
    While always endeavoring to cast informed votes, each of those elections regardless of what political party a candidate represented, received as many or more votes from single issue voters, as there were multiple issue voters.
    And, so it is today. Nothing has changed, there will be thoughtful voters, there will be vile voters.
    In the end, all of those voters will be the electorate that either wins or loses.
    The election after election Nov.2016 will produce all manners of voters again, and so on.
    I’m hopeful that voter fraud will have been rectified, but neither political party has yet to deal with vote fraud in finality.
    IMHO, vote fraud is far more damaging to this nation than vile or single issue voters.

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