Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio Take Down Trump in Epic Debate


The Republican debate that took place last night in Houston, Texas, was phenomenally good for America and freedom lovers everywhere.  Ahead of Super Tuesday, arguably the most important day in the GOP primaries that takes place on March 1st, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio teamed up to expose Donald Trump’s leftist views and reveal Trump to be a huge liar.  Trump, a known leftist Democrat, is running as a conservative and has been hijacking the Republican nominating process.  Rubio finally realized that he needed to take down Trump and together with Cruz, they did exactly that.  This beat down was so fierce, that Wolf Blitzer had to come to Trump’s rescue on several occasions in order to preserve the media’s chosen candidate to go up against Hillary in November.  The media knows that Trump loses to Hillary in a landslide and they are doing all they can to protect him.

It was a beautiful sight to see conservatives expose the traitor in their midst.  Only the truly delusional and hardcore Trump supporters will not realize that Trump has not changed his ways and is still a Democrat.

Ted Cruz prosecuted Trump as if he was already on the witness stand for financial fraud.  Cruz revealed lie after lie that the Donald has been spewing.

Here is just one outright lie of many from Trump on health care:

Cruz and Rubio exposed so many of Trump’s true leftist positions and lies, that it is hard to list them all.  The audience now knows that Trump is anti-Israel, supports socialized health care, supports Planned Parenthood, supported invading Libya, and supports amnesty.

Trump is a big supporter of amnesty.  He has employed many illegal aliens, advocates for illegal aliens to be deported and then come back to become citizens, and supported amnesty while Ted Cruz was fighting the Gang of 8 in the Senate:

After this debate, it should be obvious to any reasonable observer that Trump shouts “liar” because he cannot defend his abysmal record and that Trump is no conservative.

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  1. Trump is not froward or unfriendly. He is bluntly honest. Ted Cruz and Rubio are like the people that were against Jesus. They were not friendly. I would rather have Trump over me that Ted who makes everything a crime like the enemies of Jesus.

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    • Trump is a liar and a con-artist. He has been exposed time and time again to be the liberal Democrat he is. He supports illegal immigration, expanded socialized health care, and Planned Parenthood. He has obfuscated his positions on so many things until he has been exposed as a liar on them.

      Are you a conservative? Conservatives should unite around Ted Cruz, who believes in and has defended the Constitution and rule of law.

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  2. Trump’s response was his attempt to trivialize Rubio, who was really “pouring it on” to Trump. It was coming to Trump because very little of substance has come from him, and that is boring to hear the same flamboyant boasts over and over again. I got the idea the first time he boasted of his intentions, then his voice got stuck on that message non-stop. Obviously, he is so devoid of substantive debating material that he must gravitate to personal insults against competing members of the (I hesitate to call it what it’s supposed to be) TV broadcasted “debate.”

    And so, Trump criticizes ,one time it’s Rubio’s ears, the next it’s his “sweating” which Trump has decided is profuse.
    We haven’t heard that Cruz is “ineligible” in the last few minutes, I suppose Trump has exhausted his supply of constitutional eligibility experts. The latest Trump criticism of Rubio is that he uses “makeup” prior to a TV appearance.
    Apparently, Rubio is a far more merciful man to Trump, Rubio hasn’t uttered a word of derision concerning the most idiotic hair “comb-over” I’ve ever seen! If Trump was a real guy who had real self-confidence, he’d dump that hair-do and start looking human. We all know that male baldness does exist, and he really isn’t a youngster.

    Since Trump, who has never “worn the uniform” but has so much respect for our armed forces and its veterans, he should quit the comb-over camouflage, go into any military barber shop and have his hair cut “high & tight,” as a tribute to our military. I think the American people would appreciate his effort NOT TO CATER to his immense vanity.

    And, if he does win, he can always say he won by a hair….his!
    Oh, and the color, I happened to check the Clairol display at a local drug store, but couldn’t identify Trump’s hair coloring. I suppose a man with billions of dollars has a specially compounded color….in this case, it’s not working for him.

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  3. Trump does not lie. Ted Cruz is known for lying with a froward unfriendly mouth. I would not trust Ted, Rubio or Obama or Hillary.

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    • Trump has a habit of calling “liar” at people whose opinions are not in agreement with his. In his life, he’s always “correct” or there are people fired. He is inured to others obeying him, he has most of them by their personal economies.
      There has been much “back-biting” on Cruz from “establishment, career, do-nothing” Republicans in the Senate. His mind, knowledge,and oratory skills threaten some of the long-tenured, career Senators in Congress. Cruz has defied their admonitions to him when he hasn’t “gone along” with them when their principles are questionable.
      As for being “friendly,” the U.S. Senate isn’t a boy’s touch football team, their mission is to legislate and a good number of those continuously reelected Senators operate like a damned childish boy’s club. No one called Cruz a liar until Trump did. Cruz called out Mike McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, for being a liar, which he was. Somewhere, you must have taken two words, “Cruz” and “liar,” connected them and made a fact about it.
      I think what you’ve stated is you trust only Trump. ‘Got it!

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    • Unfortunately, Artiewhitefox will not do the research necessary to learn the facts and won’t find out more about the policy positions of Ted Cruz. Cruz tells the truth and does what he said he would do.

      Trump has been inconsistent not just from what he believed years ago, but from what he believed last week.

      Please take the time to learn the truth. This election is too important to be ignorant of the issues.

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