A Pop Quiz on Imports!

Consider three countries: 1) In Country 1, imports of goods and services are 29 percent the size of the country’s overall economy. 2) In Country 2, imports are 22 percent the size of the country’s economy. 3) In Country 3, imports are 14 percent the size of the country’s economy. Which of these countries relies […]

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Netanyahu: Sarkozy Wants Palestinian Authority to Recognize Israel as Jewish; France Adds Funds for PA Unity Gov’t

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in Paris on Thursday said French President Nicholas Sarkozy wants the PA to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, the Associated Press reports. “What I heard from President Sarkozy is that they must recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people,” Netanyahu said outside the Elysee Palace in Paris. Netanyahu […]

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Egypt: 12 Dead in Muslim Attack on Church

Twelve people were killed Saturday when Muslims attacked a church in Cairo, in the second incident of its kind since March. The attack set off violent clashes that ended in hundreds of injuries and almost 200 arrests. The incident began when a Muslim mob attacked the St. Menas church after hearing rumors that a Christian […]

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America’s Middle Class Crisis: 15 Sobering Facts

Two recessions, a couple of market crashes, and stubbornly high unemployment are all wreaking havoc on America’s middle class. In the accompanying interview, The Daily Ticker’s Aaron Task discusses the state of the middle class with Sherle Schwenninger, director of economic growth and American strategy programs at the New America Foundation. Schwenninger’s recent report “The […]

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