5 Unexpected Places You Can Be Tracked With Facial Recognition Technology

Earlier this summer Facebook rolled out facial recognition software that identifies users even when they appear in untagged photos. Like every other time the social networking site has introduced a creepy, invasive new feature, they made it the default setting without telling anyone. Once people realized that Facebook was basically harvesting biometric data, the usual […]

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CEO’s Say they Envy Tax Codes in Europe and China over USA

(Businessweek)U.S. executives hoping to convince Congress to rewrite the nation’s complicated tax code have been regaling lawmakers with tales from other lands. In congressional hearings and speeches, they’ve argued that the U.S. is out of step with the rest of the world when it comes to corporate taxes. In an August speech at Dartmouth College, […]

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Scribecast: Meet the Montana Mother Who Hunted Terrorists After 9/11

Shannen Rossmiller doesn’t look like your typical Islamic terrorist. But somehow the blonde mother of three from Montana figured out a way to fit in, posing a terrorist in jihadist chat rooms to help law enforcement hunt enemies of America. Ten years after 9/11 inspired her to study Islamic culture and teach herself Arabic, Rossmiller […]

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No Blank Checks for FEMA

Heritage’s Jim Carafano appeared on CBS’s “Early Show” to discuss the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) wanting a blank check. FEMA says it has too little money in the Disaster Relief Fund (DRF) due to its federalizing a record number of natural disasters this year. (Watch the video here.) As Carafano notes, FEMA needs to […]

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Congressmen Ask White House for Documents on Solyndra’s Federal Loan

One day after solar company Solyndra closed its doors, two U.S. congressman are asking the White House for all documents related to the federal government’s $535 million loan guarantee. The probe also seeks correspondence between administration officials and the company’s investors, seeking to uncover if the White House engaged in cronyism to reward a major […]

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Politically Connected Solar Firm Goes Under Despite Federal Support

Major donors to President Obama have received favorable treatment throughout his administration. Today’s news that solar company Solyndra is going bankrupt demonstrates the consequences of that apparent cronyism. The company’s demise is likely to cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. Solyndra suspended operations Wednesday and will soon file for chapter 11 bankruptcy and lay […]

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