Black Lives Matter Rioters Murder 4 Police Officers, 11 More Shot and Down

A horrific wave of violence strikes a a black lives matter riot in Dallas leaving 4 officers dead and seven other police officers injured in America’s worst assault on police officers in recent memory.

Protests against the killing of two black men by police forces in Minnesota and Louisiana have turned tragic on Thursday night when two snipers shot 11 police officers from a 7th floor perch. At least four officers have been killed and several remain seriously injured per reports by the Dallas police chief. Additionally, Dallas police report that there may be several bombs planted throughout the city by the culprits.

Dallas police report that they have one suspect cornered while the second sniper remains unaccounted for. This continues to be an active shooter situation and a developing story.

American TV channels are broadcasting live reports of unrest from different cities of the country.

?In Washington, according to participants, about a thousand people gathered to protest. According to the reports, the protesters broke through the fence around the building of the US Congress.

Fox News Channel shows unrest and reports shooting in Dallas (Texas). According to the information from DART (Dallas Active Rapid Transport), four policeman is dead, others got injuries.

One of the shooters was “neutralized” and the second is currently on the 7th floor of parking garage in the Bank of America building with AR-15 and body armor, some reports say.

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