Obama approves first U.S. jet fighter sale to Egypt in a decade

The administration of President Barack Obama has approved an Egyptian request for the advanced F-16 multi-role fighter. Under the proposal, Egypt would receive 24 F-16 Block 50/52 aircraft in a $3.2 billion deal. “The proposed sale will allow the Egyptian Air Force to modernize its aging air force by acquiring new fighter aircraft, thereby enabling […]

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Turkey TV Show Depicts IDF as Child Murderers

Turkey, Israel’s erstwhile ally in the north which abruptly called off a joint air exercise with Israel this week, is broadcasting a TV series depicting IDF soldiers as child killers. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman responded sharply: “The television series broadcast on Turkish TV constitutes the most serious level of incitement,” he said, “and it is […]

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UAE Raises Israeli Flag For First Time

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) raised an Israeli flag for the first time this week in recognition of an Israeli delegation attending an international energy convention, the foreign ministry said on Thursday. Israeli representatives Simona Halperin from the Foreign Ministry and Dr. Avraham Arbiv from the Ministry of National Infrastructures sat under the flag while […]

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Gaza, Hezbollah, Receive New Arms

Iran is making a huge effort to smuggle to the Palestinian Hamas Fajr-5 ground-to-ground rockets that bring Tel Aviv within range of the Gaza Strip. DEBKAfile’s military sources also disclose that Syria, Iran’s second ally with an Israeli border, has decided to transfer one-third of its missile stockpile to the Hizballah in Lebanon, topping up […]

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