A Debate on Religious Liberty in America (VIDEO)

Religious freedom is one of the core principles on which America’s system of government is founded, with a historical groundwork that predates the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. The First Amendment to the Constitution states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ….” […]

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Bankrupt DOE Loan Recipient Abound Solar Under Investigation, Panels Suffered “Catastrophic Failure”

Abound Solar, a Department of Energy $400 million loan guarantee recipient that went bankrupt earlier this year, is under investigation by officials in Weld County, Colorado. The company, which received nearly $70 million in loan funding before payments were cut off by DOE in 2011, also received a $100,000 tax break from the Colorado county […]

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Internet Freedom and YouTube Under Attack

On September 27, Reporters Without Borders issued a report on the threat to Internet freedom that focused on the relationships of Google and YouTube in the Middle East and beyond. The call for censorship comes in response to the National Islamic Union’s complaint that Google has violated the “constitutional right to freedom of religion.” A […]

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Medicare Roundup 10/5: Setting the Record Straight

In recent weeks, liberal politicians, editorialists, and policy analysts have vigorously attacked reform of Medicare based on defined-contribution financing. In fact, this approach to reforming Medicare has a long bipartisan tradition, going back to the 1980s and Representatives Richard Gephardt (D–MO) and David Stockman (R–MI). Much of this criticism is distorted, misleading, or just plain […]

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Unemployment Drop Masks Facts

The UE Number dropped because 368,000 workers dropped off the UE rolls and stopped looking last month. Even if the jobs created number was a negative the “Official” UE Number would have dropped. Obama and his liberal media need to reduce the unemployment rate below 8% to keep Obama in power by all possible means, […]

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Gas prices suddenly skyrocket in California

As wholesale gasoline prices set all-time highs, some filling stations run out of fuel and don’t buy more. Others stay open and pass along costs to customers. Skyrocketing gasoline prices caused some local service stations to shut off their pumps Thursday while others shocked customers with overnight price increases of 30 cents or more. California’s […]

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